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About a week ago, on the one year anniversary of "The Thief's Tale" tumblr website launch, I started a Patreon account. I already have 9 people supporting me for almost $100 a month which is amazing. Every time someone signs up as a backer I am filled with so many warm happy feelings- I just want to bury them all in hugs and presents. I would highly recommend Patreon also to any artists who have been considering it- I am completely jazzed about it and have spent so much time thinking about what I want to post there! If you aren't familiar with it, Patreon is similar to a sustained kickstarter campaign, in which backers send in money in advance of the things that you offer them- in my case, access to the Patreon-locked blog posts, postcards, comics welcome packets, and other stuff which I will be sending out. Backers can jump in for one month of support or multiple months, and can change the level or cancel all together at any time. I've been supporting a handful of other artists on Patreon for about a year, so I can attest that it's a very easy site to work with. I'm happy to answer questions about it if you have any! If you are interested in supporting my comics work, including "The Thief's Tale" and all the other short stories I am working on, you can find it here:

I've made seven different levels: 
Page ($1 per month)
Knight ($3 per month)
Baroness ($5 per month) 
Viscount ($15 per month)
Countess ($25 per month)
Marquis ($50 per month) 
Duchess ($100 per month) 

Here are descriptions of the first three: 

Thank you so much! At this level, Pages, you will have access to my recommendation posts. Two or three times a month I'll post about something I really like and explain why. A lot of the things I recommend will be webcomics or other online content I can link too, though some will also be novels, songs, or other things that I fall in love with. 

Knights, in addition to my recommendations you will also have access to my Patreons only blog. This will contain work in progress posts of things that are some level of "secret" or as yet unannounced. Some things I will be posting in the next few weeks include:
- partial pencils of the 8 page Sun Card Tarot comic I am drawing for the Tabula Rosa anthology
-full pencils of the 9 page Gay Superheroes story I am drawing for the second Death Saves anthology

-pencils and inks for 
The Thief's Tale as I draw them instead of waiting until they post, often weeks later
-limited peeks at the pencils for the Gay Princes smut comic I draw with Ashley R Guillory, which posts every month on Filthy Figments
-full process of the as-yet-unstarted comic for Positive Images, an LGBTQAI teen mentor organization in Santa Rosa
-other projects as they occur!

Baroness, Barons and Baronx- at this level you will have access to all of the posts from the Page and Knight Levels and also my recent Genderqueer Comics series. I currently have 60 of these short comic strips drawn, at least a dozen more ideas, and will post 6 of them per week until I run out. I will also be posting them on tumblr, instagram, and DA but more slowly- you will be at least a week ahead and will also get the "out takes" strips that made it to pencils but didn't get inked.

Please check it out if you are interested!
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Submitted on
October 6, 2016